Elf Wizard - Level 3


Earwen was often refered to as the Gilded Fist of the King in the roayl court of his homeland. Being of noble blood he served at court after his aprintiship with the Mages Union. He never had to sully himself with combat, only being asked to show the power the king at his disposal with large explosions and impressive displays of magic to awe and cow vistors.

When in training he once did he get in hot water with the clergy. He had come across old tomes with theories that the worlds were made not by gods but by one large magical explosion. After this he found it hard to listen to priests rant about worshiping devine entities. Though he tried to keep it hidden his lover at the time had been a cleric in training. After a vigorus nite of conversation Earwen had let slip how much he disliked the idea of Arbon being granted magic for being a good little alter boy rather then working out the details for himself. Their relationship quickly faltered and church started to make a stink about heritics at the Mages Union. It was only after a donation of significant size came from his Uncle and Aunt did the comotion die down even if it’s downful his old lover ever forgave him.

His Uncle on his mothers side had always been there for him since his parents had gone off to a neighboring country as ambasidors and never returned. There were timly reports coming from them for the first several months until one arrived reporting them missing. New ambasidors were sent out and a search was made but it was almost as they have never existed as all the property the had taken with them or acquired while away vanished with them.


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