Our story so far…

New recruits from Waterdeep, a farmer town in the clutch of evil, a glimpse into the Underdark, and a relentless storm

After being recuited into the Waterdeep Malitia, and sent to check on a sharecroppers troubles to the east, A Band of Fledgling guards finds themselves in the middle of an attack on the Faerun and it’s Ffolk. Can they effectively stop the Shadow of darkness that threatens to consume the world of Toril?

What’s Transpired

After defeating the town of Bergheims Mayor who was turned vampire by an entity known only as “X” the group of adventurers sets up garrison in this town – several other adventurers came to become part of this group and fell in battle.

On specific adventure a tower was found and contained information leading to a keep on an island – “X” was found on this island and immediately fled – the group then found that the ultimate goal of this “X” was to steal the life force of TOril and take it to another realm called Athas.

Our adventurers then were able to track “X” and his minions to a portal which dropped them onto Athas.

The party was then enlisted by the “Red Hand” to seek out a way to kill a Sorceror King. They find themselves along side another Faerun adventurer, and a few new members FROM Athas. Upon defeating a rather nasty snake in a tomb the party is whisked again away to a new place. The party is now again on Toril ten years have past, mopst of there friends have past on, and “X” now known as Xieram is in control of a large part of the Sword Coast.

The adventurers were summoned by The Gods who still hold sway to seek out the set of weapons known as the Heavenly Tempest.

One weapon has been found – a dagger

Bergheim has been run down by Xierams armies of undead and the once palacial manor of the party is burned ruins. they are able to find a stash of items in the stored below the manor and a scroll with instructions to find help in the Wenches Wrath south of Waterdeep.

A Home Away

Jethal Elloel